Wednesday, December 5, 2007

In and out

Putting things in to containers and taking them out is so in for Davey now. Today Davey was thrilled to take every one of his books and methodically put them in to his hamper. As Dad said, when I told them about this: Dirty books!

Later, David felt the need to pick up as many rocks as possible from around the fish pond and throw them in, all the while laughing with gusto.

At dinner he took handfuls of pasta from his bowl and made a big pile of pasta on the placemat beside the bowl. Then he ate a couple bites from the pile and placed the pasta back in the bowl.

Once I'd taken the books out of his hamper, he felt the urge to put a few back in to the hamper, just for good measure.

Then, lastly, while bathing he caught sight of the bath toy bag. I could see the twinkle in his eye and he clearly communicated his desire. So down went the bag, to a level that he could reach. Oh, happy day! You could hear the joy in his voice! All the toys went in to the bag before the bath was done.

What a fun and wonderful boy he's turning out to be. Not that I'm surprised, of course...

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