Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I love this time of year!

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We've celebrated Hanukkah, I've got all my Christmas shopping done, Davey's getting to experience the small living tree on the dining table and the fake, fiber-optic, tree in the living room. We've got Christmas cards hung across the mantle, the stocking hangers up... but where are those darned stockings?

Anyway, it's warm and cozy inside and cool and wintry outside.

It's a time to make cozy, wintry, home-food and Davey's appreciative.

Davey's walking gets better and better every day, and his personality cracks us up. Yesterday he was in hysterics while watching Mark pull on his jacket, hat and getting ready to go outside. Why he was laughing, we don't know, but it was adorable and contagious.

Vacation starts in two days. Woo hoo!

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