Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Annnnnd it's off!

Davey loves spaghetti, originally uploaded by jessicafm.

The house, that is. After about a month on the market, two broker's tours, two open houses and countless private showings, we have taken our house off the market. Despite how cute the house is, what great shape it's in and the bargain price, we did not receive even one offer! Mark is a little bummed, disbelieving that we didn't even get one low-ball offer. I'm okay with it -- I know we did not receive a low-ball offer because our broker, Tom Dreyer, told people not to bother as we wouldn't even consider taking a major break in our price. It's a sign of the market that our really cute house -- definitely the cutest in the county at our asking price -- doesn't get an offer. There were other homes that were asking a lot less but weren't nearly as cute or in as good a condition. People only want bargains / fixers right now.

So off the market it goes and we'll consider putting it back on in the Spring. Meanwhile, we can enjoy our holidays in our cute, de-cluttered house in peace.


  1. oh nooo! uch. at least you don't have to have real estate people traipsing thru your house anymore.

  2. Exactly! I'm okay with this, really. All along I've said, "if it doesn't happen relatively easy, it's not meant to be." No worries.

  3. Last July I sold my house (we lived here almost 20 years) and moved. We lucked out and just got in under the wire -
    According to our real estate agent, the market literally "died" about 2 weeks after we closed, even for the best houses / neighborhoods - not only where we live but all over the whole country.
    Most of the remaining potential buyers out there appear to be looking for "bargains" (as in "steals" from people who are desperate). Who needs 'em!?

    Don't feel bad. Marin is the best, and it'll turn around eventually, sooner than most places.
    And isn't it great to get rid of all that extra stuff?

    PS - great foto: I eat spaghetti the exact same way (only when I do, it's disgusting).