Friday, September 19, 2008

Sweet and active boy

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My goodness. Over the past week there's been an obvious increase in energy in our little guy. The words are coming fast and furious, he's so energetic that he really doesn't want to stay in his seat more than 10 minutes at meal time and he's wanting to nap less an less.

After dinner with Jackie on Wednesday and all the bouncing around Davey was doing at Harmony Restaurant, I think we may be done with restaurants for a little while. I remember going through a stretch like this a while back and it seems we're back there again. It's okay, it's a phase, right?

He's always loved to throw things (rocks in to water, especially) and lately we've noticed his aim is getting really good, as well as the distance. Tonight he was throwing a ball to Mark really, really well. Equally well, in fact, with both arms. I'm ambidextrous and, it turns out, Mark has tendencies towards being ambidextrous, too. He throws Frisbee left and snow-boards goofy. I throw left and bat right. So it seems that Davey could have a strong chance at similar tendencies.

Davey's love of music is getting more pronounced lately, as well. As always, he loves to dance an is happy to have music playing. This afternoon, when Curious George came on, Davey immediately started dancing. Then, inexplicably, he ran to his room. I heard some rattling around and then he ran back in to the living room with his wooden drum. He set it down on the living room rug, sat down and started playing it like a bongo. With rhythm. Good boy! When the show was over, he drummed more and when the next (terrible) show came on, he drummed to its theme song. Then he wandered off, showing that he has good taste in knowing Raggs is awful.

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