Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just released: Jefferson Starship's Jefferson's Tree of Liberty

Today the new Jefferson Starship album, Jefferson's Tree of Liberty was released -- hurray! According to the last time I looked, it's sales rank is #183 in Music on Amazon today.

I've been listening to this CD for the past couple months (thanks Dad!) and I have to say: I love it! Perhaps I'm biased, but it really is terrific.

It's folk music, played gorgeously, with everyone singing with strong, soaring and goose-bump raising voices.

The lyrics of these protest songs still ring true to this day, perhaps even more now than ever. I'm wondering if some of these songs, such as the Imagine/Redemption Song mash-up won't get picked up during the presidential campaigns and/or anti-war protests. I hope they do; they're fitting.

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