Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Poor little boo boo

After a fun-filled day with Marina II, going to two playgrounds and having lunch at her house, Davey came home a happy little boy. Then I let him watch Curious George while I finished making dinner, something that has become a ritual (joyous for David). When the show was over, his eyes were really red and watery. Now, we have to remind him to blink when watching Curious George as he gets so mesmerized (yuck!) but that wasn't the problem this time. He was acting cranky, unhappy and very tired. I brought him to the dinner table and he reluctantly ate two bites of chicken and got really upset. I took him from the table and he pointed to his room.

There, I changed his diaper and he nearly fell asleep and it was only 5pm. However, in just a clean diaper and t-shirt, he pointed to his crib. I lay him down, tucked a light blanked over his legs and he happily clutched a couple of stuffed animals and fell asleep. Wow!

At 6:15, he awoke crying. I went in to get him and he was a HEATER. I'd never felt him so hot. I took his temperature, under his arm, and it read 102.4. Yikes! He had a very high fever! No wonder he was crying and unhappy. A dose of infant Motrin and 30 minutes later he was back in his crib, still burning up, eyes half open, breathing fast and whimpering. At that point, I called the advice nurse. She said that I could give him more Motrin than I had, initially (2.5 vs 1.875 ml) and that if the fever hadn't reduced in 30 minutes, then give him a luke-warm sponge bath.

Thankfully, the fever DID reduce and our happy, chirpy boy was back. He was up and about, stealing lots of pasta from Mark's dinner, eating two bunches of grapes, half an orange and drinking lots of fluids. Phew! He got the treat of staying up late and watching some Olympic men's spring board diving, which he LOVED. After every dive he'd raise his arms in the air, say, "Whoooaaaa," clap and then give the sign for "more!" That was fun. By 9 I had him back in his crib and he quickly drifted off to sleep.

This morning he awoke at 6am, not cranky but insistently calling out, "Mom! Mom! Mom!" When I got him he was burning up again. He was clingy and kept saying, "juice!." So, while holding him, I squeezed an orange and made him a cup of juice, which he chugged. Then he chugged a dose of Motrin. Then he came to bed with Mark and I to lie down until he felt better...

I noticed last night that he kept putting his hand to his right ear. When I asked if his ear hurt, he didn't respond. However, this morning he's doing it again, so we're going in to the doctor's office at 10:50 to get him checked out. I'm pretty certain a dose of antibiotics are on their way...

In the meantime, he's happily outside with Marina, looking for the garbage truck and watching birds.

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