Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy birthday Dad!

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For Dad's 70th birthday, rather than have a small family gathering in our back yard, we changed it in to a BIG party at Stafford Lake in order to let his friends help him really celebrate the big event.

Dad was blissfully unaware of the hurried preparations through the week and only started getting suspicious when Linda told him they needed to stop by Stafford Lake on the way to our house to pick up Polly's address book that she'd left in the bathroom. Hahaha!


When Dad arrived he found a big picnic area with a good-sized group of friends, balloons and pictures of him throughout the years incorporated in to collages and hanging from the trees. In the end a good 80 or so friends and family arrived, gave their love, enjoyed the food, beat on the pinata (thanks Darby!), had shots of tequila, gave Dad presents, played music, sang and all-in-all enjoyed themselves.


We had California Grill cater ribs, chicken, grilled vegetables, mashed potatoes, salad and garlic bread plus Gregg and Tim grilled up some extra hot dogs and chicken, just in case.


Polly, of course, made two poppyseed with lemon cream and fresh fruit birthday cakes plus a carrot and marzipan cake. She also made a batch of chocolate cupcakes that were "Davey safe," and I made, "Davey safe," banana chocolate chip muffins and peach & ginger pie.


As usual there was (too much) great food at a Freiberg party and, most importantly, great guests and so much love.


Dad's birthday is on August 24, but he'll be on tour in England then. We were happy to start off his birthday week, which can continue across the pond. Everyone make sure to wish him a happy birthday on the real day if you can!




  1. Once again I must say: we are so sorry to have missed the big day! Happy birthday, Uncle David!!!

    Your Minnesota Rellies

  2. Warshington State factionAugust 18, 2008 at 6:13 PM

    Well darn, I'm sorry I missed the warm birthday cheer, fun and grub and Cauleefohnya light. I looked at all of Jessica's peektures, which gave a good feel for the gathering. Except Jessica wasn't there. And hey, was Jonny working that night, which is why he wasn't there?

    But hey, I've got a new timing chain, head gasket and water pump in my trusty old pickup! Now I don't have to change the timing chain for another 150,000 (recommended, I found out), which means at 460,000 miles. YIKES!