Tuesday, November 20, 2007


It's official: Davey's allergic to dairy, eggs and peanuts. We took him to Dr. German at the Marin Asthma and Allergy Clinic this morning and ran the tests to see to what extent he was allergic to things. After discussing the reactions he's had thus far to eggs and dairy, Dr. German decided to first test with very dilute solutions of the dairy, egg and peanut solutions. If those tests were negative, he'd try tests with full-strength solutions.

Well, within seconds of the allergens being applied to his back, Davey was attempting to scratch the itches. Sure enough, he got big old welts for the dairy, egg and peanut allergens. No reaction to the soy, wheat, fish nor shellfish, thankfully. Dr. German says it's entirely possible Davey will outgrow the dairy and egg allergies by the time he's six years old or so. However, the peanut allergy is more concerning in that 85% of kids that are allergic will continue to be so throughout their lives. Here's hoping (HARD) that he's one of those 15% that outgrow that!

So, for the meantime, no dairy, eggs or nuts of any kind. Dr. German also said to avoid any kind of shellfish, as it's a very common allergen.

We'll go back when Davey's three for another round of testing and, at that time, we'll test for other kinds of nuts and, I guess, other allergens.

Break out more vegan recipes!


  1. We have a child with a peanut allergy, the one thing i will say is get ready for quite a lifestyle change. Hear are a few links to some good websites for starts.


    My junky blog that i try to post any info i find out about peanut free products. http://daveg227.wordpress.com/

  2. Well, as you know Jess, I totally understand! It may seem overwhelming but it gets easy quick. And be very thankful it isn't gluten too. If you don't already know about it, whole foods sells an egg replacer that works pretty well for baking, made by Ener-G. And you can use applesauce and other such things instead too, I've found. If you find any great recipes (sans gluten) please share. We will be taking the boys to Dr. German in February. Guess we'll see....hugs to you all and a happy happy thanksgiving.