Sunday, August 5, 2007

Have I mentioned he's cruising?

Davey's getting quite adept, and more so every day, at cruising. That is, he can pull himself to standing from just about any upright surface and then "walk" a ways, so long as there's something for him to hold. Back and forth along the coffee table, sofa, dining chairs, crib, lawn chair. You name it, he's trying to walk along it.

And he'll be 10 months old in two days.

Oh, and it seems he's finally reached the age where he won't let us go to restaurants. Three times this week we tried dining out and three times we had to either leave prematurely or rush out as quickly as we could finish. Even at El Encanto where he stuffed his face with beans and beef. Ah well, we knew this stage was coming, I guess we should count our blessings we were able to eat out this long!

Take out time for a while. :-)

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