Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yeah, look at him stand!

Learning to stand - 262 days old

It's been a little while since there was a Davey update, yeah? I'll make this kind of short, as his 9 month check-up is next week and I bet I'll post a pretty good write-up then.

Over the past couple days, Davey's been crawling atop boxes and finding ways to pull himself up to standing. As you can see from this picture, the lure of seeing his bouncy seat from a different angle was too much to resist.
Mom, look, I'm standing!- 262 days old
Last night he figured out how to pull himself up and balance himself upon it. He was elated, bouncing up and down as he thwacked the hanging toys.

Earlier in the day we went to my mom's house for her to watch him while I worked. It was forecast to be a hot day so going to Mom's, where the house is cooler and she has a pool, seemed like a nice idea, since I didn't have a great need for high-speed internet for the day. We found out a couple things:

1) Davey REALLY likes apricots. There were 3 Blenheim apricots ripe on the tree, dripping with juices. Davey happily gummed about 1/4 of an apricot in to oblivion.
2) Davey still loves to swim. When I was done working, he and I got in the pool with the floatie that Mom recently bought for him. While the floatie was kinda fun, he was more thrilled with being held by me and swimming around. He LOVES it. Swim lessons begin next week!
This boy enjoys the water!- 262 days old

Foods Davey likes now:
* Trader Joe's Organic O's (cereal)
* Pineapple (and homemade pineapple popsicles)
* Apricots
* Bananas
* Sweet potatoes
* Broccoli
* Apple juice (to which I add some water and rice cereal)
* Orange juice
* Barley teething biscuits
* Puffed brown rice cakes

I'm beginning to think that what he really doesn't like is mashed food. That is, he doesn't like baby food! If he can feed it to himself and/or he can gum it, he likes it. None of that mushy stuff tho. Well... okay! We'll continue experimenting with organic veggies... maybe some steamed squash comes next. When's it okay to try out cottage cheese and proteins?

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