Sunday, June 10, 2007

Naked after swimming at Ho'okipa beach

It took a little experimenting every day of our trip, but by the 2nd to last day of our trip, Davey went swimming in the ocean. At first he was a little timid, but as I held him in my arms and we bounced up and down in the water, he eventually warmed to the experience and started smiling and laughing. Because I wasn't sure if he'd go swimming, he was wearing his regular diapers. By the time we were done with 10 minutes of swimming, he was in a gigantic, puffy diaper. Once back in the shade, on his towel, I just stripped the boy bare, to dry out. You KNOW he loved that!

Of course, then he rolled around on the towel and was eventually encrusted with coarse sand... an encrusted pee-pee! Yes, more swimming, this time naked, was in order. It was the only way to get all that sand off before putting on his diaper and running the likely risk of chafing the poor little guy. Skinny-dipping... yes, he loved that even more!

He's gonna be a fish...

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