Saturday, May 19, 2007

Oh my god, he crawled

Good morning! 32 weeks old
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Wow wow wow! I left Davey in the living room for 30 seconds and came back to find him much farther away than where I'd left him. Hmm, I thought.

An hour later, I swear to god he figured it out. He pushed himself forward with both his feet and then pulled himself further with his arms. Dad and Linda were here and saw it... he's figuring it out. Go Davey, go!!

What else has been going on?

The continued effort to get Davey to eat. He's simply not in to solids. Every day I'm trying at least once, sometimes twice, to get him to eat apple sauce, pureed pears, peas, prunes, sweet potatoes, carrots, cereals... SOMETHING. Sometimes he'll humor me, like this evening, and eat a fair amount of pears. But, for the most part, he's just not in to it. Sigh. What he DOES always want is water from my glass or bottle. He'll grab them with both hands and hold on with all his might, trying to get the contents in to his mouth. So today I started giving him a little bit of watered down cranberry juice and then a little watered down apple juice. Dr. Lee said no water, that whatever goes in him should have calories. So... here, let's try out apple juice when he wants to drink.

That sweet little boy... sigh.

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