Monday, May 7, 2007

Happy 7 months old, Davey!

I'm in the sand! 7 months old
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What better way to recognize 7 months on the planet but by going to the beach for the first time? It was a gorgeous day today, with temperatures rising to around 80 or so at the coast. Polly and I were able to head to the beach around 3 this afternoon, taking the kids along. I had Davey while Polly had Prescott, Roslyn and Rozzie's two friends, Sonia and Ali. It was just the right temperature for an hour at the beach. The older kids frolicked in the surf and jumped off sand dunes while Davey gazed at his first beach and ocean, got his feet and fingers in the sand, felt wet sand and, with anger/surprise/dismay, felt the Pacific Ocean on his feet. Okay, perhaps the water is just a bit too cold here, eh? The next time he feels the Pacific Ocean on his body, it'll be a bit warmer, off the shore of Maui at the end of the month.

Happy 7 months, Davey!

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