Saturday, October 2, 2010

Davey's birthday party

Davey's birthday party, originally uploaded by jessicafm.

Let the birthday partying begin! Yes, Davey's birthday is still 5 days away but we had his "kid" birthday party today, the Saturday prior to the real day. What fun we had!

We went to Marin Treks in Novato where Brian (Mr. C) showed and taught the kids about leopard geckos, ball pythons and tortoises. The kids all had the opportunity to touch and/or hold those creatures, which pretty much all were doing by the time that was up.

Then we had some excellent Amici's pizza (kudos to Mark for getting them to have pizza ready 45 minutes before they open their doors!), cupcakes and juice boxes.

An interesting twist: For the first time, it was almost all dads accompanying kids to this party. There were two other moms there (Grace's mom, Cammeron and Alex's mom, Suzanne). That was totally funny! One wonders if maybe some moms were a little squeamish about snakes, lizards, etc.? Ha, totally funny! Of course everyone at the party was a lot of fun.

Davey loved the gifts his friends gave him. We spent the afternoon, pre and post nap, putting together the various gifts and playing. Thanks kids!

Wednesday I'm taking off work to take Davey to meet up with Papa and Linda in Calistoga for a birthday lunch. On his actual birthday, Thursday, he'll go to school so he can wear the special birthday hat at circle time and eat cupcakes (or rice crispy treats? hmmm) with his Kittens classmates and then something special for dinner that night. Family birthday party next weekend? I guess Mark and I had better figure that one out quickly!

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  1. That was funny to read there was mostly dads and perhaps coincidently due to snakes, lizards and other squeamish critters!