Thursday, March 4, 2010

Swim lesson time!!

Swim lesson time!!, originally uploaded by jessicafm.

Davey started swim lessons today and boy did he have fun! He's taking lessons two days a week at the Marin County YMCA. Theoretically it's a group class, but on his first night it was only him. There is only one other child in the class and he couldn't make it that night. His teacher is Brandon who I'd guess is still in high school -- maybe a senior? Brandon seems to have a really good way with little boys and had Davey at ease and listening to his instructions immediately.

Mark and I observed through the windows in the lobby, so as not to distract Davey. The entire half hour, Davey wore a giant, open mouthed smile. Does he like this? Oh, yes he does.

Meanwhile, as at least one of us will be at the YMCA at least once a week with Davey, we decided to go ahead and get a family membership. That way, we have no excuse to avoid exercise, at least those days. Yes!

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