Friday, July 31, 2009

Growing up

Clay fun
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Oh David, what a fun boy he is. He's headstrong, intelligent, energetic and fun. We are so lucky to have him as our son! And you know I tell him that, right?

Yesterday Mom was sick so I took care of him for the afternoon. We went to Old McDonalds at his request. He wanted french fries and to play on their structure. Okay, what the heck? Mom would have taken him there had she been well, so fine. Afterwards we walked to Studio 4 Art, another place that David enjoys going with Mom. I'd never had a chance to go there. What a fun time! Kevin, one of the instructors there, recognized Davey immediately and greeted him with a high 5 and a big welcome. He brought over some things Davey had made on previous visits which were fired and ready to take home. Then he set us up with some clay, a rolling pin and lots of interesting things to make textures. Fun, fun, fun! He got to make things, paint and them with glaze.

Fun with clay

When there was still a little time left, he let Davey play with the potter's wheel. He was thrilled!

Clay fun

Last night, as we were settling down for him to go to bed, we had read some stories and were listening to music. Davey shushed me while listening to Christopher Parkening's guitar rendition of Ravel: Ma Mère L'Oye - Empress Of The Pagaodas. He sat on my lap, quietly listening to it to the end. I was fascinated watching his face as he took it in and was obviously just enjoying it. I wondered what he was thinking. At the end he simply said, "Aw, that was nice."

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