Sunday, June 7, 2009

It was all going so well

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Davey and I had such a lovely morning. We started off a bit too early for my taste, but it was tempered by coffee and another viewing of Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Then we played in the back and front gardens, shot photos and movies, cleaned the fish pond. Ahh, such a nice morning.

And then.

I went outside to finish cleaning the fish pond and replace the filter. When I came back inside a few minutes later, Davey said he needed to pee. Okay, let's go to the toilet honey. Once in the bathroom, Davey points to the toilet and says, "I put missing truck in it." Huh? Right, sure honey. Go pee. He does. We flush.

Judging by the poor quality of the flushing now, yes, I believe him.

An impish look of amusement on his face and he repeats from down the hall, "I flushed missing truck! Call the plumber, mommy."

Ohhhhhhh, total toddler rebellion!!

I calmly told him that he is in very, very big trouble and that he did a very, very naughty thing. I told him that, while I love him very much, I am so angry with him that I can't be with him and that he needs to stay in his room. No more treats, TV, books or fun today, he's being punished. I didn't yell, he listened and obeyed calmly. He knows he's in trouble.

We'll see how this goes. I have never punished him more than a 2 minute time-out before. But augh. What else to do when he does something so naughty that he knows he shouldn't do?


And now, a minute of Davey joy:

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