Thursday, February 12, 2009

Foodie day

Olives are ready to eat!, originally uploaded by jessicafm.

Well yes, I did also get some work done today. In addition to work, however, there was quite a bit of fooding going on.

First, my olives were finally ready to eat after 45 days of sitting in their final brine. They're really quite tasty, though a little mushy. Next year I'll make sure to get really firm olives first and see if that makes a difference. I'll also get more than a quart's worth of them.

Next, before I started up with work I made up the cookie batter for some sugar/cinnamon cookies so they'd be ready later in the day for rolling out and cooking up. Tomorrow is the Valentine's celebration at Davey's preschool and I signed up to bring Davey-safe cookies for everyone, so that he can eat the same cookies as everyone else.

Later, while I had a lunch break, I rolled out, cut and baked the cookies. Mom and Davey decorated them with frosting and sprinkles once they had cooled.

Mom and Davey decorate cookies

After work I coated two boxes of long-stemmed strawberries in dark chocolate.

Lucky preschoolers, hm?

Think the preschool kids will like these?

On a side note, boy it's been a tough week around here! Starting a week ago, Davey started not feeling very well. We've had only one night where he didn't wake up in all that time. Runny nose, recurring fever, awful cough and such crankiness and whining. And then there's Davey! Ha ha. No, but really. On Monday I took him to the doctor to see if he had anything serious as he was exposed to RSV at school last week. The doctor said there was no wheezing, so that's good but he had a very, very red ear drum on one side. He's been on amoxicillin since that evening and eating very poorly. He doesn't want to eat even his favorite foods. This has been rough. We're looking forward to him going back to preschool tomorrow and seeing how he does (he hasn't been there all week).

Oh, and Mark and I got the same sickness, minus the ear infection.

Is Winter over yet?

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