Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dancing to the Hipwaders

Dancing to the Hipwaders
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Last Sunday Bonnie and I took Davey to the Bay Area Discovery Museum's Goblin Jamboree. Working off Davey's new black and yellow rainboots, Bonnie bought a fireman's costume which she then tailored to fit him better and added stripes to the back of the jacket. She also customized the hat beautifully.

Check me out in my fireman costume!

David had a GREAT time at the Jamboree. As you can see in this video, he really enjoyed the Hipwaders and especially liked the inflatable guitars that were available for sale. In this video Davey is using a borrowed guitar, but by the end of the day I bought a gold one for him. You can see him here, playing it standing atop the coffee table after we got home that night:

Playing guitar like "papa"

Davey's got the idea that you make a guitar make music by knocking on the neck. We'll work on that. Meanwhile, anyone playing a guitar is automatically named, "Papa," by Davey. Especially when they're singing, too. Aww.

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