Monday, September 17, 2007

3 years!

Picnic at Point Reyes on Mark & Jessica's 3rd wedding anniversary
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Wow, yesterday we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. Sweetie Mark let me sleep in until almost 9 and had a cup of decaf ready for me when I woke. Ah, how nice! I hadn't slept that late in I don't remember how long.

Then we packed up the stroller, some lunch stuff for Davey and headed out the back roads for a little country drive. We stopped at the Rouge et Noir cheese factory to pick up lunch stuff for Mark and I and then drove to Point Reyes headquarters to have a little picnic. A nice bench in the shade of bays and pines, a tasty lunch, a good mood, perfect temperatures and a happy baby... it was lovely. Then we went for a stroll along the Earthquake Trail, with Davey enjoying pushing his stroller for part of the way.

Afterwards we drove back to civilization through Lagunitas, waving to Schuster as we passed by his street. We passed through Woodacre where Mark showed where he lived for a short while as a young boy. Then we drove by a few open houses in the Dominican area of San Rafael, just for the fun of it, ending up at Northgate Mall to stroll around, let Davey play in the playground for a bit, and do some window shopping. Okay, I bought some very cool shoes, too. :-)

We met up with Dad and Linda at El Encanto for an early supper, which was delicious and very fun, as usual.

Dad and Linda gave us two very beautiful floral arrangements as anniversary gifts, because they couldn't decide between the two. Thank you guys!

Wow, 3 years... it's been wonderful so far and it's just getting better. Love, love, love!

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