Monday, July 23, 2007

A beautiful evening in Sausalito

We received an email this afternoon from my uncle Tom Dreyer saying that he and some friends would be playing jazz at Cafe Rustica in Sausalito tonight. What the heck? I was going to make a Chinese Chicken Salad for dinner, but that can wait another night. It was a hot day, promising to be a pleasant night in Sausalito, some light jazz would be lovely, Tommy's birthday is in two days and... well it just seemed like a nice thing to do.

In fact, it WAS a great thing to do. It was an unseasonably balmy and comfortable evening in Sausalito, Tom and his friends sounded great, the food was alright (nothing to write home about) but the service felt very authentically Italian (down to the waiter who obviously spoke Italian as his first language). Bonnie joined us and shared time with me in taking Davey for strolls when he was sick of staying in one place. At one point I took Davey for a walk to the playground at the Sausalito Library, where he swung on the baby swing (loved it!), nursed on a park bench and felt playground sand between his toes for the first time.

All in all, a lovely night.

Happy birthday, Tommy!

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